Morning Reflections – Matthew 8:24

Matthew 8:24

I preached on Mark's version of this story a few weeks back and as I
was looking into the text I came across something that was very helpful
for me. The part of this story that has always bugged me has been the
fact that Jesus is asleep… that the disciples have to plead with him
to wake up. Mark's version doesn't pull any punches. The disciples say,
"Don't you care that we are perishing?" It's not even so much about the
storm itself. In fact, it seems like the disciples are pretty sure that
if Jesus would just wake up he could do something about all this. There
concern, however, seems to be that Jesus is asleep… apparently
indifferent to the situation at hand. "Don't you care?" How many times
have I asked that in deep moments of suffering? What I found, however,
was that there was an ancient eastern theological
tradition/understanding that if a God was asleep it was like the
ultimate statement of confidence. A sleeping God was making a bold
statement that no other god… no force of nature… no threat of any
could stand against his authority and power. Could it be that sleeping
Jesus wasn't a statement of indifference, but instead one of supreme
authority and power? All I know is that when the storms come, I want to
be in the boat with Jesus.

One thought on “Morning Reflections – Matthew 8:24

  1. That is a great thought. Indifference and confidence are as different as night and day. Often I run into people, including myself at times, that say that God is silent. He doesn’t seem to care about this or that very painful situation. Could his silence actually be inviting us into his confidence?

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