Morning Reflections – 1 John 1

Every Sunday when we gather for worship at some point I say these words
or something similar. "As the people of God gathered in this place
today we have the opportunity to admit before God and each other that
we cannot do this on our own." This is then followed by a communal
prayer of confession after which I say, "The good news is that we stand
here this morning as God's forgiven people, not by anything that we
have done ourselves, but by what Jesus has done for us on the cross."
This confession/proclamation, I think, is an essential part of our
gathering… it reminds us again and again that we have been made new
(which is a reminder that I need daily)

This text reminds us first, that darkness cannot contain Jesus… and
if we share our lives with him we are no longer left to stumble around
in the darkness (AMEN!). It goes on then to remind us that we do not
have to hide… that we need to admit our sin/shortcomings… to walk
with God and with each other as we are set free from our sin… as
Jesus purges (great word) the darkness from us!

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