Morning Reflections – James 5

There is an aspect of community that is simply people coming together
around a common cause. Like a sporting event, for example. Thousands of
people gather to root for their team, so there is a connection in their
common purpose… so you could say that a community is formed around
the team. But this is community in broadest sense… the crowd at a
sporting event is really primarily a group of strangers who happen to
share a common interest. There is nothing wrong with this, but I know
that I could not exist solely as part of the crowd. I long for
something more… a deeper connection… to know people and be known.

Another definition of community is, "a group of men or women leading a
common life." I think it is in this kind of community that we can
really be the Church to and for one another. No matter how large our
Sunday gathering may become I never want to lose sight of the need for
this deeper connection. For us to become community and live in
community we need smaller, more personal opportunities to share our
troubles, to pray and be prayed for, to lift high our praises, to
confess our sins and receive healing.

Lord, I pray as I focus my efforts on growing this church that I might
never lose sight of the deeper need beyond the Sunday gathering.

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