Morning Reflections – 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

This text makes me squirm in my seat. I am much more comfortable with
texts that speak of God's amazing grace… how God loves us without
condition and the lengths he has gone to reveal that to be true. But
then I read a passage like this that talks about the power of evil in
this world and the intensity of deception and wickedness. It talks
about those perishing because of their refusal to be saved and those
who actually delight in wickedness.

As I read this I am reminded of the urgency of the gospel. We live in a
world that is being deceived, and those who buy into the deception are
perishing. The gospel isn't just some safe, comfortable sentiment to
make us feel good about ourselves while the world is going to hell in a
handbasket. The gospel is the truth that Jesus is the only hope for
those who are perishing… even those who are so deeply entrenched in
the deception that they delight in it.

Lord, I pray for the courage to be a messenger of truth in a world that has bought into the lie.

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