Acts 25-26 (Daily Reflections)

Acts 25-26

The way this story develops is so interesting to me. It is one of those
stories that when we read/preach it today we herald Paul as one of such
great faith and courage… standing up to his accusers and even
witnessing to them. It reminds in some ways of Luther's infamous "Here
I stand". I love it when Agrippa realizes that Paul is trying to
convert him and he stands up in protest. This really is a story of
great courage and boldness on the part of Paul, but it is also the kind
of story that reminds me how we often think of or treat people who act
with similar conviction today. They get labeled as nutcases, or
radicals. They get ostracized for having the audacity to live and
believe like this story of the resurrected Jesus is really true… and
really matters. Actually, I guess it wasn't so different then. Paul was
being tried because the religious authorities thought he was some kind
of nut job. I tend to be much more reserved in the way that I express
my faith. I don't think in personality or presentation I am much like
Luther or Paul. That being said, I am striving to learn how I can live
more boldly in my convictions that Jesus has been raised from the
dead… and that this truth matters even today. How can I express more
fully with my life that one man, one event, one time, one place made a
difference for all eternity? How can I live more fully in the audacious
belief that this is true?

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