Suffering, sort of

Today I have been reminded of suffering first hand!   As I journey through Lent I am reminded of a suffering in which I can not comprehend and this day is no comparison to the Lord's suffering on the cross, I know that deeply, but….  My poor little guy is suffering today.  He had a temp this weekend, has a runny nose, a yucky cough and is welcoming new teeth.   He is not a happy guy today.  He is just plain miserable.  He has moments of play and smiles, but most of the day has been about crying, wining and clinging to mom.   His suffering rushes over me.  I feel helpless for this little man whom I love so desperately.  I get frustrated and tired, but I take deep breaths, scoop him into my arms and love him as much as I can.  And I think about Mary.  How much love she must have had for her son.  How much suffering she must have gone through as she watched him take that long walk to the cross.  My mommy heart aches for Mary tonight and all who have lost.  Thank you Lord, for that walk of healing love.  May it rush over us this season.  Thank you.  I love you.

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