Just a normal day… or is it?

I am currently reading a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan and while I'm only a few chapters in, I am being fed and challenged in some ways that I think are pretty important.  Most of the time I am pretty good at claiming and proclaiming the incarnational nature of God… the way that God, even though he has every claim to holiness and glory and majesty chooses to walk with us in our daily lives, even into the point of literally entering our suffering.  I'm pretty good at that side of God, but this book is reminding me that this is not all there is to God.  While I find great comfort in this incarnational God, sometimes I think I forget that what makes this so remarkable is that God is simultaneously with us and holy.  I forget that the majesty of God should lead me to an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder.

So today is just a normal day.  I am busy checking things off my to-do list.  I spent the morning delivering postcards about our church, I am polishing up my message for Sunday, and working through some details for our upcoming launch.  In the midst of this "normal" day, however, God's majesty is at work as close to me as my breath… in the things I take for granted, or just assume will continue to happen.  Today as I read a chapter in Crazy Love I was reminded that there is no such thing as a "normal" day.  All of the things that have to have to come together just for me to wake up each morning are evidence of the wonder and power and creativity of God.  You don't think about your breathing until you can't.  You don't think about your kidneys until they cease to function.  Our entire body and the way that it works together to keep us alive is a miracle that, when I think about it, makes me want to get on my knees and worship the one is brilliant enough to put this whole thing together.

So on this "normal" day may we all find comfort in the reality of God walking with us, but also wonder and awe and reverence at the majesty and holiness of God.

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