Surprised it took this long

Well… if you have been waiting for the "Christian" version of Guitar Hero it is finally here for your mac and pc.  I'm not opposed to stuff like this, although some may just dismiss it as derivative junk.  I can respect that some people want to play a fun game like Guitar Hero without having to listen to 80's hard rock songs.  Let's be honest, some of the content of those songs isn't exactly kid friendly.  Stuff like this, however, always makes me think about missional living.  How do we effectively guard against things in this world that fill our eyes and ears with words and images that aren't healthy for the soul while truly maintaining missional posture.  There are "Christian" movies, music, TV shows, board games, theme parks, etc.  We have created this whole Christian subculture that, while maybe well intentioned, could also end up isolating us from the very people we are called to reach with the message of the gospel in the nme of staying safe.  How do we really follow the old adage, "be in the world, not of the world?"  There is stuff out here that is toxic for our hearts and minds and souls, but then Jesus comes to us, not after we have left all that stuff behind. He comes to us as we are…where we are.  How do we follow his lead and stay safe?  Or maybe following Jesus isn't safe at all.  Hmmmmm…

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