The Light in the Darkness

I am sure some, if not most of you know who Steven Curtis Chapman is.  For those who may not, he is an award winning Christian music artist.  Although I admire him and have enjoyed his music, I do not follow him often.  Recently, though, I have been deeply moved by the story surrounding his family.  Tragedy struck the Chapmans in late May when their 5 year old adopted daughter was accidentally struck and killed in their driveway by a car driven by their son.  It's a story that tears my heart apart.  The Chapmans have shared their journey through the 'Valley of the Shadow of Death' in recent interviews.  The most recent is in this week's People Magazine.  As a parent, I can not begin to comprehend the pain and heartache.  As a Christian, I can not begin to comprehend the darkness.  It is not difficult to imagine how such an event can tear a family apart or how deeply faith in God can be challenged.  Yet as they walk this path, they walk as a family, loving each other and holding steadfast to the forgiveness, hope and strength they know in Jesus.  Within the People Magazine article, there is one page that is a full color head shot of Steven Curtis Chapman and the quote on the page reads "The only thing more frightening than walking through what we walked through with our faith would be to walk through this alone, cursing God." – Steven.  The Chapmans have humbly confessed their pain, questions, challenges and need in seeking counseling and help.  They show that they are human, but have a belief that stands at the core of who they are, individually and as a family. Thank you, Chapman family for being willing to share your story.  May it bring hope, healing and life to hearts, lives and families who are walking is such valleys.
Tonight, I cling to the Truth found in one of my favorite songs, "Savior, He can move the mountains, my God is mighty to save, He is mighty to save.  Forever, author of salvation, He rose and conquered the grave.  Jesus conquered the grave."  And I am convicted of the need to share this message of grace and hope to all, even the places and people who we find the hardest to love.

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