My Desk

desk picDuring my ordination service the Bishop told a story about when he first began as a pastor he put a stack of specific books in the place where he did his sermon preparation to serve as a reminder of who he was and how he wanted to be as preacher and a pastor. I am a very visual person and I thought that sounded like a good idea so as I was setting up my office last week I thought I would put my own little slant on the idea.


I took some things that might appear to be just simple chotchky items and put them on the hutch on my desk where I would see them each day. Each one might be considered junk by some, but to me they all have a story and serve as a reminder of who I am and where I hope o be headed as a person and as a pastor. 1) There is a little poseable artists mannequin with it's arms raise high to remind me that in the good and the bad all praise and glory goes to God. 2) There is a really bad crayon drawing of a road headed into the unknown that I did at the Arts Conference at Willow Creek Community Church before going to seminary. This picture reminds me to always be headed somewhere, but that I don't always have to know exactly how things are going to turn out. 3) There is a stuffed pig named "oinker" to remind me to remain humble. Let's just say it all goes back to a game of "Pass the Pigs" gone horribly wrong and leave it at that. 4) There is an action figure/replica of the flying machine from the movie "Chicken Run" to remind me that even things that should never fly can soar when God is in it. There is no reason that any of this new church stuff should. It is all above my capcity to make happen, but I believe that it WILL FLY! 5) there is a Martin Luther bobblehead to remind me of who I am and where I am grounded theologically, but also not to take myself too seriously and remain open to and in coversation with people who think and believe very different than myself. 6) There is a certificate of my ordination to remind me of my call.


Oh… there is also a thing full of paper clips, but those don't mean anything. They are just for clipping papers together.

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