Launching a new church – How do we meet people?

Beyond the "So do you have a building where you will meet?" question, the number one question I have been getting lately as I tell folks I'm preparing to launch a new church is, "How will you gather people? Seriously? You are starting from scratch?" Yeah. I am starting from scratch, but I am already making contacts with folks in the area that I know from my college days and other friends/acquaintances of friends, etc. It is an overwhelming thought that currently Graceway Church consists of me, Michelle, and Zachary, but I really believe that God has called us to be there and if that is the case, it will somehow come together. I do, however, want to be smart and strategic about how I begin to meet folks. Are the traditional methods of knocking on doors and calling everyone in the phonebook still the most effective ways, or are there new ways that other church planters have found to be effective ways of connecting with their communities? I am particularly interested in knowing how folks are using online, social networking resources as well as other innovations. My cousin is a church planter at Great Park Church in Irvine, CA and the other pastor posted this on their blog:

Church Database System vs. Using Facebook & Meetups | Great Park Church

Does anyone have any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Warnings?

One thought on “Launching a new church – How do we meet people?

  1. I would recommend contacting Scott and Taryn Hofert at Watershed Church in Charlotte. They were on staff at Westwinds Church in Jackson, MI with Ron Martoia when I was visiting there to learn experiential worship (Len Sweet sent me there.) Scott and Taryn left – issues with Ron – but really the call to plant a mission in Charlotte, where they had never been before. They would be great people to meet and talk to and might even remember the Lutheran pastor from Ohio who hung out there.
    On the Lutheran side of things, get in touch with Craig Bollinger at Christ the King, Charlotte. He would be an excellent mentor to add to your circle. He has been part of the Transformational Leaders Gathering, very innovative, and would be a good support.
    Having been the son of mission developer in Naples, FL, I remember moving to Naples, knowing no one, and the first Sunday there were nine people – five from our family and four others. Pressing the flesh and knocking on the doors was the method in the 1970s. Still need the relational but you will need the net – but you get that already. I would suggest with your musical gifts, talk to Craig and do a Charlotte concert tour – youth groups, coffee houses, county and neighborhood fairs, etc… – and pass out contact information for the net, worship locations, bible studies, and you will get people coming to you.
    Have a safe move and let me know if I can help.

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