What to do when you have nothing to do.

I woke up this morning with 2 things on my calendar. 1) a Chiropractor appointment and 2) a visit with the estimator from the moving company. My entire daily agenda was accomplished by 10:30AM. My most recent season of life…this four years of seminary…has been an intense experience. It has been one of constant motion and long, seemingly endless lists of things do read and write and do. Yet today, even with our move to Charlotte looming in the very near future I find myself with no lists, no agenda…nothing. My initial reaction was, "OK, lets go do something fun. Let's fill this dead space with some kind of family activity that we have been unable to do because life has been so hectic. As I pondered further, however (and as my wife and once again came to the realization that there really is nothing to do in Gettysburg, PA), it became abundantly clear that what I needed to do in this rare moment was to do nothing. So that's what I intend to do starting…NOW!

One thought on “What to do when you have nothing to do.

  1. Good man Brian! It is weird to go from full throttle to stop in an instant (a bit like power shifting without the clutch … and sometimes missing!). Enjoy the rest for now. Always remember you are created to be a human BEING not a human DOING. 😉

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