Teaching Gig at Wesley

I spent the day today (and will do the same tomorrow) facilitating a class on technology, multi-media and preaching at Wesley Seminary in Washington DC. It is a diverse group of DMin students with a wide variety of experience and opinions about the subject. I was actually quite honored to be invited to teach. My preaching professor from seminary has expressed great confidence in me and I am very thankful for her trust and for this experience.

Today was a good day. 9AM-4PM is a long time to spend on any subject as far as I'm concerned, and I don't know if I'm that interesting for that long, but the class went well and I always appreciate hearing different perspectives. One thing that was a really interesting consideration in our discussion today was the concern for how using images on the screen or other technologies would negatively alter the flow of African American preaching styles which rely on cadence and rhythm in their delivery. I had not really considered that before, so I was very thankful to gain that perspective. Everyone in the class will be preaching on Friday but I won't be around to hear. I would have been extremely interested to see and hear what they came up with. Thanks class for teaching me today!

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