What is my vision for the Church?

I think this is the question I get the most when people find out that I want to start a new church.  "What is it going to look like…how are you going to do things?"  I'm never quite sure how to answer this question.  Sure, I have some things that I value and a lot of ideas about how I would like to lead and approach things, but ultimately what I want the Church to look like is Jesus.  I know that sounds like a cop-out or over spiritual or whatever you might call it, but I really believe that the "vision" for the church should be Jesus.  What if our primary goal as community of faith was to look deeply at the way Jesus lived and called us to live, and then actually went about trying to do it? I am really excited about the future and seeing how things will come together.  Maybe we can give folks even the slighest glimpse of what Jesus is like.

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2 thoughts on “What is my vision for the Church?

  1. What seems to bog people down, (and I’ve experienced this with my own church plant involvement) is that people want to define the church by what it does, what it looks like, sounds like, who it is for, etc. I think that comes from that consumerist mentality of “I want to know what the product is going to be before I buy it”.
    Right or wrong, the reality is church of this culture is a product like anything else, with competitors and supply and demand and other economic principles.
    But while that is the reality, the TRUTH is exactly what you say, the church is Jesus. The church is fallen believers trying their best in community to live the life of Christ. It doesn’t matter what skin you put on it, as long as the skin doesn’t become what defines it.

  2. Well said Jeremy. It really does become a challenging thing. The reality is that we live in a culture that is used to slick marketing and headline news. It’s challenging to know how to best communicate who you are as the Church when sometimes those asking are initially more interested in what the package looks like.
    What have been some of the ways you have addressed this in your church planting experience?

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